Like many of you, I absolutely love chocolate. When I first started out in the fitness industry I thought, as many of you probably did too, that I would have to give up chocolate all together if I wanted to achieve my goals.

However – not all chocolate is created equal and some can actually provide health benefits (Phewwwwww!) Dark chocolate actually contains favaonoids (a natural chemical) which provide positive health benefits.

So here are a few reasons why you can justify popping a bar of dark chocolate into your basket when you are next at the supermarket!

  • Dark chocolate is actually quite nutritious – It is high in magnesium, copper, iron and fibre!
  • Studies have shown that the cocoa powder in dark chocolate have help to lower cholesterol.
  • Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants
  • The fatty acids in dark chocolate are are mostly saturated and monounsaturated, with small amounts of polyunsaturates.
  • Cocoa contains stimulants caffeine, which will give you an energy boost. In the longer term cocoa also contains high levels of flavonol, which improves blood circulation to the brain and can therefore work to enhance its capacity.

So these are a few reasons as to why dark chocolate is a better option when you have that chocolate craving! Of course most chocolate, including the good quality dark chocolate, still come with a high sugar content so it is best to enjoy it in moderation!