How to overcome low self esteem: 

It turns out, our bodies are a fairly accurate representation of our minds. If you can improve your head space, your body will do a lot of the fat loss work for you.

Myths Busted: 

Fat loss does not require starving yourself, spending endless hours in the gym and missing out on fun social occasions

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work: 

You don’t have to cut carbs, drink vegetable juice or take skinny pills to lose fat. The truth is much simpler than that.

A Personalised Nutrition Plan with Weekly Food Diary Analysis.

including foods you currently eat and enjoy.

Weekly Check-ins with me Online

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My Supplement Guide 

(these aren’t skinny pills, sorry!)

Every 4 weeks you will receive your new plan

We’ll make adjustments depending and progress, feedback and your goals to keep progress fast and consistent without plateaus!

A tailored training programme

Breaking down the reps, sets, time period, advanced training variables and mechanism and hypertrophy.

Access to my Private Facebook Group 

Where women support and encourage one another through all the ups and downs.

Mindset Coaching 

To help you with balance, perspective and cravings.