Public Speaking

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My goal is to create a movement centered around Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Positivity.I am aiming to Empower, Enlighten and Educate you on a journey to a happier and more positive place through leading a healthy lifestyle. I want to inspire you to make continuous improvements to increase the quality of your life.
I want to truly make a difference and be a reason why someone didn’t give up. I want people to know I am with them 100%.

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I believe these crazy roller coasters called life aren’t worth riding unless we have fun in the process. I promise to leave you feeling lifted, empowered and truly ready to take on the challenges you once saw standing in your way!

I provide motivational solutions for Businesses & Organisations, Schools, Charities, Events and Sporting Clubs and I am ready to join you to make it a success!

In addition to my health and fitness expertise I also graduated from University with a First Class Honors in Business and Spanish. I also have been working as a management consultant helping some of the largest companies in the world in transformational change programmes. This means I am able to link my knowledge of Health and Fitness with my knowledge of the corporate world and make them compatible to ensure success.

Contact me today to see how to take your event to the next level, book me now at

The every girl program

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The EveryGirl programme is a mentor scheme directed towards gathering advice, guidance and counselling from women that use my services, and direct it towards young women from age 13 upwards. Growing up I was lucky enough to have a ‘sister figure’ in my life, someone who i could turn to for inspiration, advice and guidance when I wanted an option other than my parents. I believe that creating this kind of positive environment for young women to gather knowledge and help from other women in a safe and positive online platform, would help create a happy and healthy mindset. I am incorporating this into my mentor/ public speaking scheme for people who want to offer assistance and getting involved in helping us create a stronger, more positive and healthy body image and positive lifestyle for women.

What can the EveryGirl programme help with

– School, College, University advice
– Health and Fitness
– Eating disorders and body image issues amongst females


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