Do you HAVE to have something SWEET after a meal?

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As you all probably know by now I LOVE sweet things… Are you in the post-lunch and dinner sweet club too? Hello…I hear you! Welcome to the club…


I use to have the post meal sugar fix firmly engrained into my daily routine however after time and exploring new ways to satisfy my cravings I have come up with some healthier alternatives! I try to bake healthier alternatives to have as a snack or treat throughout the day. My favourite things to have which keeps me on track are:


Sugar free Jelly

Options hot chocolate

80 Calorie brownies (I try to make these on a Sunday so I have them ready for the week) –

0% Fat Greek yogurt with cocoa powder & raspberries

Healthy Ice cream –

Banana with peanut butter (and put in the microwave for a minute!!)


What are you favourite healthy sweet treats? Tweet me or tag me in your creations! @luciecolt <3