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Like many of you, I absolutely love chocolate. When I first started out in the fitness industry I thought, as many of you probably did too, that I would have to give up chocolate all together if I wanted to achieve my goals. However – not all chocolate is created equal and some can actually […]

3 key things to help lose body fat

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People think that losing body fat is really difficult – and it can be with all of the controversial information out there. However, these same people over-complicate what it takes to see results. Even though these 3 tips may seem simple, you still have to do the hard work! These 3 tips are super easy […]

How to get started out running

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Running is a quick, effective and cost-effective way to get into shape and improve your overall health and fitness. You can do it anywhere, need very little equipment and it’s not rocket science. However, hitting the pavements can be quite taunting if you are a running newbie. Here are some top tips as to how […]

Nutritional advice for the month of training

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What you are putting into your body is ultimately powering your workout so you want to provide yourself with the best fuel to ensure you are performing to your full potential. Here are 5 top nutritional tips to maximize your training… Time it right Timing is everything when it comes to fueling your workout. Pre-run […]

Common running injuries and how to avoid them

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Lots of you will currently be running a lot and praying you remain injury free –right? But rather than hoping, let’s explore a few practical steps you can take to avoid them. Running injuries are not unusual and in addition to the pain from the injury, there’s always the frustration of not being able to […]

Top Tips to stay motivated on your runs

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I was commissioned by Mac Millan to write some articles for their OutRun platform to help motivate and inspire their runners. So I will be releasing them all over the next few weeks. Enjoy! – Running is quite a repetitive activity and therefore you have to remain focused and motivated to achieve your goal. If […]

Should you have a Cheat Meal?

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The “cheat meal” topic is highly controversial in the health and fitness industry and with all the various advice out there, I am often asked questions such as “Should I have a cheat meal?” “Can I still lose weight?” “How often should I have a cheat meal” First of all, I like to call it a “treat […]

Protein Pancake Stack

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Seeing as it is #PancakeDay, I thought I would share my favourite quick and easy Protein  stack recipe… Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 banana 30g Oats Cinnamon Dash of milk 1 scoop whey protein (Vanilla or Chocolate work best) Method: Add the oats to a blender and blend until it turns into a fine flour like […]

What are BCAA’s?

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I often get asked what are BCAA’s so I thought I would explore it in further detail.  BCAA’s (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) can help promote growth, muscle repair and reduce soreness and discomfort. Now, they aren’t necessarily needed for every workout, but during intense sessions your muscles tear and then repair and that’s when BCAA’s are […]

Liquid Calories

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It can be really easy to fall into the Liquid Calorie trap, especially when you are trying to lose weight or burn fat. When your exercising regularly and eating well, those refreshing drinks can’t really be that bad, can they? Actually, they can! Many drinks are actually calorie loaded and often packed with preservatives or […]