Blackberries: THE FACTS!

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So as one of my favourite berries and a staple in my diet, I thought I would share some of their health benefits…

1) Much like spinach, raisins, apples, plums and grapes, blackberries are rich in Vitamin C, but other nutritional benefits include a very low sodium count and have only 62 calories per cup.

2) The dark blue colour ensures blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits. Antioxidants, well-known for lowering the risk of a number of cancers, are a huge bonus, but be aware – the berries are best consumed in their natural state to get the full benefits.

3) Consumption of blackberries can help to promote the healthy tightening of tissue, which is a great non-surgical procedure to make skin look younger. Prolonged consumption also helps keeps your brain alert, thereby maintaining clarity of thought and good memory!

4) The high tannin content of blackberries provides a number of benefits to reduce intestinal inflammation. It is important to incorporate berries in your diet in a variety of ways. I often have them as a snack with 0% Greek yogurt or in my oats.

5) Per 100g they only have 5g carbs with a high fibre content of 3g! Perfect to help reach our daily fibre intake.