Are you working hard enough?

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So I have had a client say to me this week that they feel that they aren’t getting to where they want to be. So we booked in a skype consultation call and started to explore the reasons why she felt this way…

It became clear very quickly that she simply was not putting 100% effort into what she was doing. As an online coach, I can provide the framework and guidelines to stick to; however it is down to the individual to take control and truly make it happen! It can be quite blunt and brutal to say to someone they simply are not working hard enough… we all know the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

Are you going to the gym and giving 110% when you are there? You might only have 45 minutes so make the most of that time, smash your workout and leave as a sweaty mess!

Are you sticking to your nutrition plan or are you deviating here and there? This goes back to the point I reiterate all the time: Are you interested or are you committed?

Maximise your outcome!

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