5 Tips To Get Back On Track After Easter

After chocolate, chocolate and lots more chocolate it is time to get back on track!

Now, I know what you could be thinking… Easter also fell over the Monday and Monday’s are usually the day for a fresh start, BUT NO!

The four days of Easter is not going to ruin your progress as long as you get back on track ASAP… i.e TODAY! Easter is long gone, so here are 5 tips to get back on track:

1) Get rid of the chocolate: Now, I know what you are thinking… What a waste! But let me assure you, if it is in the house, you will be more likely to eat it. So whether you bin it, or give it away, its time to let go.

2) Don’t punish yourself: And by punish, I mean under eat the next few days or do excessive cardio! Do not skip meals… Get straight back on eating 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks alongside your usual workout routine. I bet you will be glad to see some colour in fresh fruit and veg! I certainly will be.

3) Drink plenty of water: Over a holiday where we might be with family and friends and not in our standard routine, we often drink less water. So, flush out your body and drink plenty of water to re hydrate! You will feel much better for it.

4) Don’t weigh yourself: Do not hit the scales straight away as it won’t end well. If you have been out of routine indulging a little more, you might be retaining more water etc so just wait a few days before you check back in.

5) Sleep: This is actually the most important strategy in getting hunger and cravings under control. If you don’t sleep well or get adequate sleep, you are far more prone to make emotional choices when it comes to eating. Lack of sleep also raises the hunger hormones in your body, so you will genuinely feel hungrier. So get plenty of rest and get into bed a bit earlier!

Until next time,